Two of my great passions are art and cinema.

The visual image is what motivates me in life! It’s my bread and butter. 

I take art as a lifetime antibiotic! and when I create the story of my work, I transform it into a local scene and I put the characters in a framework to narrate stories and scenes of love, war, nostalgia, meditation, fears, dreams, anxiety and complicated relationships. 

Most frameworks describe those old homes inside each one of us. The childhood homes which have both cheerful and dark times. The lost homes that live in our souls. 

I always focus on human in the first place because he has all those multiple dimensions affected by everything around him. 

When I innovate a little story inside the painting, there is always this excessively sentimental yearning to the past.

A movie is a fascinating world from the past reflecting the flaws of the present. And this is where I got inspired by the sarcastic school and the black comedy. 

While painting, I create a fantasy world that dominates my mind and lives with it in the construction and demolition cycle. This is how I am attached to canvas and acrylic colors which gives me the flexibility to paraphrase the scene. 

Art is like a solo game where I play with the characters, master the rules, and of course, I always win!

Noor Hisham AlSaif

1982 Born in Safwa city is located in The Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia


  • 2004 King Saud University graduate with an Art Education Bachelor’s degree.
  • 2009 Diploma in Interior Design from Sheffield Decorating Institute in Riyadh.
  • 2008 Courses in Oil Color Painting from the Arts and Skills Institute in Riyadh.

Selected Group Exhibtions

  • 2005 King Saud University’s annual exhibitions in the years.
  • 2007 Art exhibition in Al Hokair Festival.
  • 2008 Alwan Exhibition in Riyadh.
  • 2010 Exhibition in Aramco Festival.
  • 2013 RealColors Exhibition in AlKhobar.
  • 2013 Artists of The Eastern Region Exhibition in Dammam.
  • 2014 International Higher Education Exhibition in Riyadh.
  • 2014 Jeddah Fiesta 1000 Exhibition
  • 2014 Small Artwork Exhibition in Thaqafat hall in Qatif
  • 2014 Arab Ambassadors & South Africa Exhibition in Al Faisaliah Hall
  • 2014 Riyadh Ebdaa Exhibition
  • 2014 The Second forum exhibition of the Saudi Arabia Society of Culture and Arts in Dammam
  • 2015 young Saudi artists Exhibition at Athr gallery Jeddah


  • 2017 Jeddah art week at tasami gallery.
  • 2018 Shara art fair – ebdaa gallery – Jeddah.


  • 2015 Basmat International Exhibition in Cairo, Egypt.
  • 2015 Noun AL Neswah Exhibition at Matar bn lahej gallery in Dubai.
  • 2016 Bahrain art center exhibition in Bahrain.
  • 2016 Art night alserkal avenue in Dubai.


  • 2011 Completed a number of art projects with the supervision & cooperation of Aramco’s Public Relations.
  • 2011 Participated in a workshopfor designing Aramco’s official website.
  • 2014 – 2018 Design novel cover.

Solo Exhibition

  • 2015 not suppsed to happen February at Saudi art center JEDDAH.
  • 2016 What ever will be April at Mashq Art Space Bahrain.
  • 2017 Wait on Red February . Den gallery . Kuwait.
  • 2018 Honey am home! online exhibition by artspace hamra – Beirut